With sensitivity, finesse, emotion, the agency manages shooting, editing, post-production of your sales sites and your communication supports. We believe in the persuasive power of the image and its lasting impact on one' s memory.
An image is a beautiful memory.

Video and audiovisual production in Marrakech

Considered as a high-end communication, the audiovisual production in Marrakech of your institutional and commercial videos enhances your brand, allows you to address a specific theme with high added value, or to highlight your products and services.


The agency graphically translates your values by highlighting them, creating a strong bond for your brand from the very first moments.
Whether it is your logo, your graphic charter, your commercial brochures, they are designed to reflect you, they must be representative, arousing an eagerness to know more.
Artists, graphic designers, architects, video artists and designers to brighten up your communication and captivate your audience.

2D-3D Elevation

Do you want to evaluate the potential of a place, define its strengths and weaknesses ?
We provide the architectural solution according to your desires, your needs and your budget:
2D - Realization of architectural graphic documents for your projects (plans, sections, elevations, trend boards...).
3D - 3D is a revealing graphic tool that brings your concepts to life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the project through a fixed shot or a virtual reality image/video (360). We create photo realistic images to deliver a projection that is as close to reality as possible.

Art Direction

Our team is creative, up to speed with artistic trends, has an aesthetic sense and a culture of beauty. This is precisely the aim of our artistic direction.

Audiovisual agency in Marrakech

B2P produces your tailor-made videos. B2P audiovisual agency in Marrakech and its creative team incorporate strong storytelling to your videos alongside innovative concepts and an original production.